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Village life


As every year, the village life animation committee of the town offers some activities to continue to keep the village alive.

The "Halloween" evening

This terrifying evening is especially appreciated by the children because they can come to disguise and make a stroll through the whole village while answering questions about the history of the latter. The reward being an evening with tasting of soups and pancakes as well as sweets for the youngest










The circus day

Super afternoon which brought together about fifteen children from 3 to 12 years old  at the Vacherauville recreation room, The “  village life animation  », With Chantal, Pierrette and Vincent, called on Technicirk and its leader Romain, to introduce children to the various circus disciplines.

Appointment was given at 1:30 p.m. and the children listened attentively to the advice given by Romain before setting off and getting to grips with balance balls, American rollers, balance wire, mini trampoline, mono-cycle. All these devices hold no secrets for circus apprentices, who enjoyed the snack offered by the municipality. To close this afternoon, Romain demonstrated his talents in front of subjugated children and their parents.

A beautiful day under the sun very successful.

Halloween 3.jpg

Morning walking / mountain biking

The Commission "  animation - village life ", chaired by Pierrette Gaillard, organized a morning discovery of the circuit"  in the footsteps of Bastien Lepage  To Damvillers.

A beautiful course marked out with reproductions of the painter's paintings, at the place where he settled down to paint them. This walk delighted the participants, who were able to observe storks installed in several places in this town.

Mountain bikers, for their part,  traveled more than 30 km towards Régnéville, Béthincourt, Forges. All gathered around the glass of friendship.

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