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Geographic location

       Vacherauville is a little village located north east of France. The town of Lévesque is located in the department of Meuse of the french region Lorraine. The town of Vacherauville is located in the township of Belleville-sur-Meuse part of the district of Verdun. The zip code of the town of Vacherauville is 55100 and the INSEE code is 55523.



         The altitude of Vacherauville is approximately 190 meters. Its surface area is 7.29 km². The latitude and longitude of Villeneuve-Loubet are 49.225 degrees North and 5.363 degrees East. The towns and villages close to Vacherauville are: Charny sur Meuse at 1.72 km, Bras sur Meuse at 1.76 km.
(The distances to these towns close to Vacherauville are calculated as the crow flies - See the list of towns in the Meuse department)


Population and dwellings:

          The population of Vacherauville was 119 in the 1999 census, 111 in 2006, 110 in 2007, 110 in 2009, 154 in 2011 and 200 in 2019. The population density of the village is 15.09 inhabitants per km². The number of housing of Saint-Gervais was 86 in 2019. These housing consists of 85 main residences, 1 secondary residence.

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