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Canton :  Belleville-sur-Meuse
Rounding :
Area : 729 Hectares
Population : 200 inhabitants
Residents : Vacherauvillois



       The village, mentioned for the first time in 1047, then 1049, was freed in 1316 by Gobert VIII d'Apremont. Belonging to the diocese of Verdun for the spiritual, it is one of the villages of the Provost of Charny. The bishop, principal decimator, also possesses the high lordship and the high justice. After the revolution, the town belongs to the canton of Charny. The small trades are side by side with the fish trade and the exploitation of famous sand quarries, agriculture with the vine until the epidemic of phylloxera at the beginning of the XXth century. Located during the First World War on the path of the great attacks directed against Verdun, Vacherauville was subjected to the most violent bombardments and furious assaults which completely destroyed it. 60% of the evacuated population returns to rebuild the village and settle there. Again heavily damaged in May 1940 by a bombardment trying to limit the German advance, it was still the site of violent fighting in June, then experienced the occupation. On July 21, 1944, Colonel Von Stulpnagel attempted to commit suicide there following a failed plot against Hitler. At the end of the conflicts, the locality receives the Croix de Guerre. With the significant drop in demographics and its gradual transformation into a dormitory village, Vacherauville can no longer live independently and resorts to inter-municipal services.

VACHERAUVILLE vue du ciel.jpg

History of the village

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